The Stella Maris PTA Committee

(this document is still being updated)

Br. David Mizzi f.s.c.
School Director
Br. Austin Gili f.s.c.
Brothers’ Director
Matthew Micallef
Matthew Micallef is an Old Stellmarian and works as an Administrative officer. He has two boys: one in Junior School, Jake, and one in Senior School, Zack. He is presently the Chairperson of the PTA.
Kiki Farrugia
Vice-Chairperson / Education Sub-Committee Co-ordinator
Ms. Kiki Farrugia is a Learning Support Assistant in Grade 5 Benjamin. She started working at Stella Maris College in 2003. In the PTA she represents the Junior School teachers.
Angela Formosa Melillo
Angela Formosa Melillo is an experienced primary school teacher who teaches at the Convent of the Sacred Heart School Foundation and is also an old girl of the school. Her role on the Stella Maris PTA Committee is that of Honorary Secretary and she is also the secretary of the Parents’ Circle sub-Committee. Her son, Matthew, is in the Junior School. She is married to Oliver Formosa who is also a PTA Committee member.
Edward Pace Balzan
Oliver Formosa
Oliver Formosa is a Customer Services Official at a local bank. He attended St. Paul’s Missionary College at Rabat. He is the Honorary Treasurer of the Stella Maris PTA Committee. His son, Matthew, is in the Junior School. He is married to Angela Formosa Melillo who is also a PTA Committee member. His hobbies include travelling and sports.
Kenneth Barbara
Mr. Noel Abela
Head of Junior School
Frank Micallef
Head of Senior School
Evan Camilleri
Parents’ Circle Chairperson
Evan Camilleri is an I.T. professional and works in his own company. He has two sons in the Junior School, Luke and Matthew. In his little free time Evan likes to draw, read and write Science Fiction – especially Star Trek! Peace and Long Life.
Karen Gouder
Karen Gouder works as a Materials Management & Logistics Principal. She has two boys, one is an old Stellamarian and the other one is in the senior school.
Dr. Pierre Ellul
Mario Cini