PTA Statute 20-11-2010

Christmas Children’s Evening Mass


The Parents Teacher Association would like to extend an invitation to all parents, guardians, teachers, families and their friends to join us in celebrating Christmas Eve.  The celebrations shall start with a traditional Christmas Eve Mass by Fr. Justin Schembri and animated by Mr. Ivan De Gabriele, Ms. Laura Zahra and Mr. David Dimech, followed by hot chocolate and mince pies on:


 Wednesday 24th December 2013


 20:00 (sharp!)


 Lasallian Hall – Stella Maris College

Entrance shall be through Junior Grounds where parking is available.

Fr. Justin is asking children to be familiar with the story of the film ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas (The Meaning of Christmas).  You can watch a short video on

In the Spirit of Christmas children may generously donate a small gift which will be presented during Mass.  These will be later donated to the Missionary Sisters of Charity, better known as the Sisters of Mother Theresa.  It would be greatly appreciated if the gifts are wrapped.  Please ensure that all gifts donated are not broken or used.  Any money collected during the Mass will also be donated to the same organisation.

As per our tradition, it will be nice if everyone can bring any goodies on the day.  These will be shared after Mass together with the mince pies and hot chocolate provided by the PTA.

If you are coming and would like your son/daughter to participate (such as by saying bidding prayer) please contact Evan Camilleri. (first come, first served).

SMC Fest 2014


Stella Maris PTA Camping 2014 – A Success !!!

The Stella Maris PTA organised a Camping event for kids and parents at the Ghajn Tuffieha Scout Camp site.  The turnout was approximately of 40 boys and 25 adults and was a great success!  Thanks for all who helped: setting up the camp, making delicious food, giving talks and organising games and all those who had fun!  See you for the 2015 camping!

Kids at the Camping

Lejla Maltija at Stella Maris

On April 12 @ 18:30, the Stella Maris College PTA will be organising a Lenten Evening followed by Lejla Maltija at Stella Maris College. Lejla Maltija will be animated by Mr. Ivan Grech of Winter Moods.

Ivan Grech (Wintermoods)

During Lent, people around the world come together in repentance, sacrifice, and response to the story of Christ with the desire to be changed not just for a season, but also for the rest of their lives. The evening will start with a talk for adults whilst the children will be entertained in a separate area. The talk will be followed by Holy Mass.

After Mass we will organise a ‘Lejla Maltija’ with food prepared by chef Renato Spiteri. Lejla Maltija will be animated by Mr. Ivan Grech of Winter Moods.

More information on the Event Page: Click here.

SMC Easter Camp 2014 – Notice

We are once again organising the Stella Maris College School Easter Camp.  The aim is to give children a chance to experience the outdoors like never before.



We will make new friends, learn to share and above all, help each other in team-building challenges.  While we’re still adding more fun to the program, there will be lots of fun, educational talks, astronomy, adventure missions, football (obviously!), sleeping in sleeping bags inside tents and other fun games.  Each child will also be given a free gift.  Full program will be posted on and on

The dates for this event will be Thursday 24th April (afternoon) till Saturday 26th April (afternoon).

This year we are ALSO inviting parents who want to attend to this event.  We will be sending more information soon HOWEVER we would appreciate if you, as a parent, will be attending to send us an email on in order to have an idea on the number of adults attending and to give you more information.

If you are not attending but your son would like to attend you can also inform us in order to reserve a place for him.  Please note that we have a limit of 40 children for this event due to the number of camps and other equipment available.

Come to the Camp and we’ll have lots of fun together!

Some Statistics on our Website!

Since our website went live – some two months ago we’re proud to say that we had over 11,000 hits.  While it is obviously that the majority comes from Malta we’re getting some hit from all over the world!

Tell your friend and share on social media our site so that we go viral!!!


Who Are We?

If you picture the PTA as just a small crew of moms and dads who meet now and then to plan bazaars  or coffee mornings, you are in for a big surprise. The Parent Teacher Association, or PTA, is a dynamic and very influential organisation within Stella Maris College advocating on behalf of parents and teachers within the three schools namely St. Benild School, Junior School and Senior School.

The Stella Maris PTA Committee

(this document is still being updated)

Br. David Mizzi f.s.c.
School Director
Br. Austin Gili f.s.c.
Brothers’ Director
Matthew Micallef
Matthew Micallef is an Old Stellmarian and works as an Administrative officer. He has two boys: one in Junior School, Jake, and one in Senior School, Zack. He is presently the Chairperson of the PTA.
Kiki Farrugia
Vice-Chairperson / Education Sub-Committee Co-ordinator
Ms. Kiki Farrugia is a Learning Support Assistant in Grade 5 Benjamin. She started working at Stella Maris College in 2003. In the PTA she represents the Junior School teachers.
Angela Formosa Melillo
Angela Formosa Melillo is an experienced primary school teacher who teaches at the Convent of the Sacred Heart School Foundation and is also an old girl of the school. Her role on the Stella Maris PTA Committee is that of Honorary Secretary and she is also the secretary of the Parents’ Circle sub-Committee. Her son, Matthew, is in the Junior School. She is married to Oliver Formosa who is also a PTA Committee member.
Edward Pace Balzan
Oliver Formosa
Oliver Formosa is a Customer Services Official at a local bank. He attended St. Paul’s Missionary College at Rabat. He is the Honorary Treasurer of the Stella Maris PTA Committee. His son, Matthew, is in the Junior School. He is married to Angela Formosa Melillo who is also a PTA Committee member. His hobbies include travelling and sports.
Kenneth Barbara
Mr. Noel Abela
Head of Junior School
Frank Micallef
Head of Senior School
Evan Camilleri
Parents’ Circle Chairperson
Evan Camilleri is an I.T. professional and works in his own company. He has two sons in the Junior School, Luke and Matthew. In his little free time Evan likes to draw, read and write Science Fiction – especially Star Trek! Peace and Long Life.
Karen Gouder
Karen Gouder works as a Materials Management & Logistics Principal. She has two boys, one is an old Stellamarian and the other one is in the senior school.
Dr. Pierre Ellul
Mario Cini

PTA Coffee Morning

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