School Ethos

School Vision Statement

As a Lasallian school, Stella Maris is characterised by a highly professional school community, empowered to create a vibrant learning environment, which fosters spiritual, academic, cultural and interpersonal growth.

Mission Statement

At Stella Mans College we are a diverse community of teachers, brothers, LSAs, parents and students, which strives to create and nurture a holistic, inclusive, well ordered learning climate to provide a high-quality, values-based, academic preparation for life in the Lasallian tradition.

The mission is successful when we:

  • Understand and accept ourselves and others.
  • Develop our talents in service to society and the Church.
  • Think logically and critically and express ourselves effectively.
  • Know clearly what we believe and why we believe it.
  • Maintain physical fitness and mental health — avoiding excesses and abuses.
  • Possess social awareness and a sense of responsibility for the common good.
  • Are people of deep faith and prayer.

Stella Maris College is a good place to be in!