Healthy Eating Educational Visit – Grade 3s

During the last week before the mid-term holidays, the grade 3 students visited the Home Economics Centre at Santa Klara B’Kara Primary School.  They enjoyed a lovely morning together with their parents, while learning about healthy breakfast and healthy eating. The welcoming and highly dedicated staff at this centre gave very practical and healthy advice on day-to-day eating habits, which ultimately should become part of everyone’s everyday choices and behaviours. They explained how and why we no longer use the food pyramid but the ‘healthy plate’. The Home Economics Teachers insisted that it is rude to use mobile phones, tablets or any other technological device when at table (whether at home or at at a restaurant).


PSD Lesson – Grade 6 Miguel

The Grade 6 Miguel boys discussed how we can make our experience at school better during our PSD lessons last week. These are some of the posters they came up with. The world, as Michael Jackson had famously said in his song, would certainly be a better place if only we all took our boys’ advice!

Ms Pat Azz. Preziosi

Grade 6 Miguel

Update: The Spelling Bee final

The Spelling Bee final was held on Thursday 27th April in the school hall between the nine finalists from the three Grade Six classes. The rest of the children were the audience. The boys were very well prepared indeed and it was many rounds before the last five boys left in the competition got eliminated one by one and the ranking of the winners was established.

The winner was Jake Azzopardi from 6 Miguel, Nathan Rouse from 6 Arnold placed second, and Thomas Gatt from 6 Benjamin placed third.

World Book Day commemoration held on 24th April 2017

The Grade Six classes came back to school after the Easter holidays and enjoyed an English lesson with a difference. We went out into the playground and one of the turf pitches was ‘transformed’ into a deserted island with an abandoned village, a waterfall, mountains, a volcano, strange statues, a deserted village, a cave, a sinkhole and various other exciting places.

Grade 6 Spelling Bee Competition

The three Grade Six classes this year had an English Spelling Bee competition in which the boys participated on a purely voluntary basis.
The first round, with ‘easy’ words, was held on 3rd March, and after a few rounds, the eight contestants still standing from each class graduated to the second round.

6 Benjamin Students

6 Benjamin Students

The second round, with ‘harder’ words, was held on 30th March, again at classroom level. The twenty-four boys showed that they were very well prepared for the contest, and it was a hard-fought ‘battle’ until, mostly due to nervous anxiety, the boys started getting eliminated.

6 Arnold Students

6 Arnold Students

The final three contestants from each class who survived this gruelling test have now been given four weeks to prepare for the final session with ‘challenging’ words, where the nine boys will compete against each other for the first three places in front of the whole grade.

6 Miguel Students

6 Miguel Students

A certificate of participation will be given to all the boys who participated, with special prizes given to the first, second, and third placed students.

The photos show the semi-finalists from the three classes and the boys in front are the finalists.

Ms Pat Azzopardi Preziosi

Carnival Float Contest at St Benild – A huge success!

This year, St Benild boys had the opportunity to participate in a Carnival Float Contest. They were invited to choose a theme: either the Pirate theme, the Circus theme or Superheroes. Boys started working on their float as early as last December and they could work together with their families. They also took photos of their progress and their works on the float and they presented them together with their float. All the floats were displayed at St Benild’s school hall as well as the school corridors. Parents were also invited to visit the floats exhibition to admire the beautiful works all the participants did. In fact we had a record of 84 participants in total. As the saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’….in this case these photos speak for themselves.

Ms Laura Formosa

Art Teacher

St Benild – Rainbow Colours for Istrina Activities

St Benild School – Gr 1A – Educational Excursion in Mdina & Rabat

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St Benild – Gr 2B Christmas Preparations & Cribs

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St Benild School – St Cecilia Concert

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