Once upon a lesson….

Timid looks, questioning faces and a library book were part and parcel of a paired reading activity between the Grade 3 and Form 3 classes while celebrating World Book Day. The primary aim of this activity was that of enhancing the confidence and interest of the students while reading.

The lesson started with the teachers explaining what paired reading entailed. Both classes then joined each other in the Junior School playground, where each Form 3 boy was paired up with a Grade 3 student. The elder students read aloud with the younger ones, and let the latter free to take the lead when they felt ready to do so. The elders gave help whenever the younger ones got stuck and also asked them questions to make sure that comprehension was acquired throughout.

It was a pleasure to see all students fully engaged throughout this activity. The sound of the bell ringing gave way to cries of protest, which clearly proved the success of this World Book Day event. SMC’s ongoing efforts to make the learning experience of all its boys as dynamic as possible, never fails to impress. A huge well done to all involved!

Ms Lorna Friggieri

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