Monthly Archives: May 2017

Update: The Spelling Bee final

The Spelling Bee final was held on Thursday 27th April in the school hall between the nine finalists from the three Grade Six classes. The rest of the children were the audience. The boys were very well prepared indeed and it was many rounds before the last five boys left in the competition got eliminated one by one and the ranking of the winners was established.

The winner was Jake Azzopardi from 6 Miguel, Nathan Rouse from 6 Arnold placed second, and Thomas Gatt from 6 Benjamin placed third.

World Book Day commemoration held on 24th April 2017

The Grade Six classes came back to school after the Easter holidays and enjoyed an English lesson with a difference. We went out into the playground and one of the turf pitches was ‘transformed’ into a deserted island with an abandoned village, a waterfall, mountains, a volcano, strange statues, a deserted village, a cave, a sinkhole and various other exciting places.

Once upon a lesson….

Timid looks, questioning faces and a library book were part and parcel of a paired reading activity between the Grade 3 and Form 3 classes while celebrating World Book Day. The primary aim of this activity was that of enhancing the confidence and interest of the students while reading.