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Grade 6 Spelling Bee Competition

The three Grade Six classes this year had an English Spelling Bee competition in which the boys participated on a purely voluntary basis.
The first round, with ‘easy’ words, was held on 3rd March, and after a few rounds, the eight contestants still standing from each class graduated to the second round.

6 Benjamin Students

6 Benjamin Students

The second round, with ‘harder’ words, was held on 30th March, again at classroom level. The twenty-four boys showed that they were very well prepared for the contest, and it was a hard-fought ‘battle’ until, mostly due to nervous anxiety, the boys started getting eliminated.

6 Arnold Students

6 Arnold Students

The final three contestants from each class who survived this gruelling test have now been given four weeks to prepare for the final session with ‘challenging’ words, where the nine boys will compete against each other for the first three places in front of the whole grade.

6 Miguel Students

6 Miguel Students

A certificate of participation will be given to all the boys who participated, with special prizes given to the first, second, and third placed students.

The photos show the semi-finalists from the three classes and the boys in front are the finalists.

Ms Pat Azzopardi Preziosi

The College bids farewell to the Fifth Formers

Form V Students' Farewell Activity 30 March 2017

Form V Students’ Farewell Activity 30 March 2017

Mathematics Olympiads

A team of Form 4 students from Stella Maris College has placed 3rd in the Ninth Malta Mathematics Olympiad being held on 28th March 2017.  The participating students were Kyle Attard, Gabriel Melillo, Brendon Portelli and Matthew Scerri and they have been training for this event since November 2016 under the supervision of Mathematics Head of Department Ms. Grace Bonnici.DSC_0289

39 Maltese Secondary Schools in Malta participated in this year’s edition which consisted of three sections where students had to work individually, in pairs and as a team to answer sets of challenging mathematics questions.