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Talk by National Doping Agency at SMC

PE Option groups today were visited by a representative of the national doping agency. Michelle Vella Wood, a prominent triathlete on our shores, gave us an interesting talk about doping in sport.
Ms. Vella Wood addresses the students

Ms. Vella Wood addresses the students

The pre-PLAY Project is an initiative on doping prevention. The project aspires to develop and shape a new network of young athletes that believe in a sound mind in a healthy body and reject any thought of using doping substances to enhance their athletic prowess.
Andy Grech
PE Master

St Benild – Rainbow Colours for Istrina Activities

St Benild School – Gr 1A – Educational Excursion in Mdina & Rabat

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St Benild – Gr 2B – Educational Excursion to BirdPark

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St Benild – Gr 2B Christmas Preparations & Cribs

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St Benild School – St Cecilia Concert

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St Benild School – San Martin Games

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St Benild – Mission Week Games

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St Benild & Stella Maris win Gold Award in Dinja Wahda 2015-2016


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St Benild – 2M Assembly about Advent

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