Monthly Archives: July 2016

Contribution to ALSMalta

During the month of June, Stella Maris College invited Bjorn Formosa to give a short talk to the Junior School School and raise awareness about ALSMalta.  The students were encouraged to collect funds to help ALSMalta to buy more wheelchairs and invest in more research to find a cure for ALS.  A cheque of 1106 Euros was presented to Bjorn Formosa, founder of ALSMalta.



St Benild – Visiting the National Aquarium

On the last day of the scholastic year, some of the grade 1 boys visited the national aquarium.  While they were there they had the wonderful opportunity to learn about sharks, skates and rays, through a hands-on talk and workshop presented by Greg Nowell from SharkLab Malta.  It was a fantastic way to close the scholastic year.

For more information about SharkLab Malta or to adopt a shark you may visit

St. Benild School – Water games in Grade 1

St Benild School – Learning & Fun with water in Gr 2B

Capacity session….

…then for some fun

St Benild School – On the Farm

The grade one boys went on an exciting excursion to a farm and animal park.


At the farm we saw cows, bulls, chick, hens, rabbits, cats, dogs, kid, sheep and a horse.

The boys learnt about the process that milk goes through from when the cow is milked till when it is sold in shops.  They also had the opportunity to see the cows being milked.

At the animal park, the boys had the opportunity to see goats, kangaroos, tigers, rabbits, monkeys, donkeys, leopards and tigers. They learnt various facts about the lifestyle of these animals.

It was a unique experience – a time to explore, learn and discover the outdoor world and appreciation for the nature world!


Ms Charlene Cachia