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Chess on Comino – Thursday 14 July

chess on comino 2016

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Pay it Forward

Grade 3 Arnold had the opporutnity to learn that it does PAY to be kind. The boys were asked to help out at home and ask the person whom they helped out to pay back by being kind to someone else. They, in turn had to help someone else. It was a good practical opportunity for the kids to learn this golden rule at first hand.


3 arnold

Ms Ann Marie Gatt

Grade 3 Arnold Teacher

St Benild – Green Week – My Special Friend

During Art, the Grade 2 boys were shown the PPT Nature’s Gems. The various animals,  insects and plants on the ppt were discussed and why it is important to protect them and let them live freely. The boys then did corner bookmarks about 3 of nature’s gems that were discussed : the swallowtail,  the painted frog and the ladybird.




St Benild – Green Week – Stained Glass

The Grade 1 boys, prepared ‘stained glass’ pictures of the Dinja Wahda Logo to brighten up the school corridors.

IMG_20160602_114942 IMG_20160602_114901

St Benild – Green Week – In a Flutter

In Grade 1, the boys learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.  They also learned about the different butterflies that we can find in the Maltese countryside.

IMG-20160602-WA0003 IMG-20160602-WA0002 IMG_20160602_115138

St Benild – Green Week – Sparrow in a Spot

The boys in Grade 1 learned about the the life of the sparrows we find around the Maltese islands.

20160527_124055 20160527_125615

St Benild School – Green Week – Owls

During the Art lesson, Grade 1 boys learned about the life  of Owls.  They then each drew their own Owl Family on a branch.


2016-05-30 09.18.48