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St Benild School – Green Week – Saving the environment

During the ICT lessons the boys used the Bee-Bot to map the journey between various good practices of saving our planet, such as not using a hose pipe to wash the car, using a cup of water while brushing our teeth, filling the sink rather than use running water to wash the dishes and separating waste.

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St Benild School – Green Week – Round Robin

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St Benild School – Green Week – I promise

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St Benild School – Green Week – Nature Day Gr 1

During the excursion at Buskett, the boys took part inn the following activities:-

Colour Detective / Ant Trails/ Meet a Tree/ Pinecone Challenge/ Tree Collage


St Benild School – Green Week – Nature Day Gr2

Activities carried out during the Grade 2 Nature Day Excursion were the following:

Trees are Cool , Flower Detectives, The Wall, Minibeast Magic,  Seed potting, Nature Walk , Bark rubbing.

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St Benild School – Green Week – 3 Rs

Our school invited Green MT personnel to deliver a talk to all the boys about the 3Rs – reuse, reduce, recycle. They were reminded which material can be recycled in the grey bags and what should be left out eg. Foil, packets.  They were also involved I the discussion as they were asked various questions throughout the talk. It all ended with a song related to the 3s and the boys were given a leaflet to take it home to encourage their families to recycle too.

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St Benild School – Green Week – Re-using

After the talk we had about the 3Rs, during the art lesson, a table was set up with plenty of stuff we usually throw away or recycle straight away eg. Cereal boxes, empty kitchen and toilet rolls, newspapers etc. The boys could draw, paint, cut and transform these scrap pieces into their own works of art. They were then stuck all together to create a whole group collage. See photos attached.



St Benild School – Green Week – Flower Detectives

During the Nature excursion at Buskett, the grade 2 boys were Flower Detectives.

Buskett Outing (4)_1 - Copy Buskett Outing (1)_1 - Copy 20160518_110229lucaIMG_5721


St Benild School – Green Week – The Wall

During the Nature excursion, the boys of Grade 2 Arnold took part in the activity ” the Wall”.

St Benild School – Green week – Trees are Cool

During the nature excursion at Buskett, the boys of Grade 2 Miguel took part in the ‘Trees are Cool’ activity.

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