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Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Buskett Field Trip

During the field trip, the boys explored ant trails, features of a snail, different properties of different trees and different pine cones.  They had the opportunity to see the Maltese painted frog, various insects and flowers, and observe the sounds of nature.

Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Up to You – Father’s day Craft

Through the use of recyclable material, the grade 1 boys and their daddies built their own little sea world.  They also learnt about different creatures that are found in the sea.

Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Sparrow in a spot

The boys learnt about the Cips the little Sparrow and his adventures.IMG_1269_1 IMG_1272_1 IMG_1276_1


Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 I Promise



The Grade 1 boys learnt about the hedgehog and the dangers it faces in our countryside.IMG_0610_1 IMG_1124_1 IMG_1115_1

Dinja Wahda – Grade 2 Out of Africa

The boys learnt about the struggles faced by migratory birds.

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Silly Face Sandwiches in Gr 2 Benjamin

The boys ended the scholastic year in a delicious and fun way, with these Silly Face Sandwiches!

Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Round Robin

The Grade 1 boys learnt about the features and life of Robins.

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Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Stained Glass





The Dinja Wahda logo in our school corridors, reminding us to look out for our environment.

Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Something Fishy

Leaning about the wold under the sea.

Dinja Wahda – Grade 2 Trees are cool

The boys learnt that trees vary in size, leaves, seeds and fruit they produce. They had the opportunity to look around them and investigate different trees.


Trees are cool : The children played a dice game. They learnt that trees are important as they provide shelter for birds’ homes, shade, fruit, fresh air and the bark serves as a home for different insects and spiders. They also learnt that fire can be very dangerous as it will ruin the trees.