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Dinja Wahda – Grade 2 Green Week Excursion & Minibeasts

As part of our Green Week activities we went on a nature walk where we learned about natural and man-made habitats.

Junior School Art Competition – SuperHeroes!

Our Junior School students were once again invited to participate in another Art Competition, this time they had to draw their favourite superhero fighting against the bully. One of our Grade 3 students, Nathan Abela, has been awarded this beautiful and colourful certificate! Well done Nathan!





Ms Laura Zahra
(Art Teacher)

Dinja Wahda – Sea Chains during Science

During the science lesson, the boys learnt about food chains in the sea.

Dinja Wahda – In a Flutter

The boys learnt about different butterflies that we find in the Maltese countryside and the flowers they collect nectar from.

Dinja Wahda – Fiks in Trouble

Learning about the importance of caring for nature, through a song and an animated story.

IMG_0093_1 IMG_0109_1

Dinja Wahda – My Special Friend activity during Art Lessons

The boys learnt about the Maltese Swallowtail butterfly, frogs and ladybirds  . They made corner bookmark for their books.


Dinja Wahda – Vanishing homes activities during PE lesson

The boys saw a presentation about various endangered species who’s homes are being destroyed in various parts of our countryside.

This was followed by a practical activity in the Yard.



Dinja Wahda – Models made out of Recyclables in Grade 1 Arnold

Discussing ideas of what to create.

IMG_0048_1 IMG_0047_1 IMG_0046_1


The end result of team effort and recyclable material.

Mathematics Department activities for Form 3 students

In May, students in Form 3 spent the day in Mdina. Students were touring Mdina following guidelines given to them by the school’s Mathematics Department.

At the Natural History Museum

At the Natural History Museum

The trail they must follow is one whereby students must work out various sums based on measurements which are obtained using tools which the students have with them on the day, including a clinometer, calculators and tape measures.

Finding the volume of a well in Mesquita Squar

Finding the volume of a well in Mesquita Squar

Students also had a tour around Palazzo De Vilhena which houses the Natural History Museum. This was an enriching experience for all.

Finding the rotational symmetry and the area of the Maltese Cross in the entrance of Palazzo De Vilhena

Finding the rotational symmetry and the area of the Maltese Cross in the entrance of Palazzo De Vilhena

Mathematics is practiced through fun activities which promote education and teamwork.

Ms. Nadia Mercieca

Year Tutor Form 3

Work produced during hands-on activities in Grade 2 Benjamin