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Carnival Masks

Carnival Masks created during the Art Lesson with Ms Laura by Grade 5 Benjamin students.

Grade 3 Arnold Assembly

The first Assembly of the year was presented by Grade 3 Arnold. It related Jesus’ baptism by his cousin, St. John the Baptist.


The boys explained that although Jesus had no need to be baptiSed, because after all He is the son of God, He wanted to use the occasion to start His public life. He also wanted to teach us that baptism is important for us all to become members of the Family of the Church.

DSC07524 DSC07519


Grade 3 Arnold



The Ten Commandments Board Game

During the past two weeks the students of Grade 5 Benjamin learnt about the Ten Commandments given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai.  The students played a board game related to the Ten Commandments in class.

Grade 5 Benjamin

Astronomy lecture by British Astrophysicist Dr. Chris Baddiley

The Malta Astronomical Society will be organising a  lecture on Light Pollution at Stella Maris College, Gzira.

light pollution lecture

It will be held on Monday 26 January. The lecturer is British physicist and astronomer Dr Chris Baddiley.

The lecture will take place in  John Paul II Hall, starting at 1830 hrs. Entrance is through Emmanuel Drive, via E. Giordano Street. Parking is available in the Junior School grounds.

It is very important to spread more information about ways in which light pollution can be tackled, to preserve the beauty of the night skies.

Dr. Chris Baddiley, is an Astrophysicist from the UK who has carried out a lot of work on the physical modeling of the propagation of light in the atmosphere in relation to the effects of light pollution. During his talk he will speak about light pollution, his own interests in astronomy and astrophotography from his own backyard observatory (images at


Here is a paper on light pollution from the Starlight conference – recommended reading for everyone interested in understanding light pollution and what action we should take.


Chess Course for beginners

chess course for beginners january 2015

Hour of Code @SMC

26 students in Grade 6 Benjamin from Stella Maris College formed part of 4,407,661 people who tried an Hour of Code! The Hour of Code is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in more than 180 countries.  The Hour of Code is an introduction to computer science, designed to demystify code and show that anybody can learn the basics of coding.

Ms Romina


Christmas Activities in Grade 4 Arnold

Christmas is a special time for children and teachers alike. We enjoy all the hustle and bustle it brings. Carol singing, the concert and crafts are just a few of the activities the children in Grade 4 Arnold enjoyed to the full this Christmas.

Ms Connie Pullicino

Class Teacher

Chinese Dragons by Grade 4 Arnold

Grade 4 Arnold enjoyed doing research, reading and writing about the Chinese Dragons. They learnt that Chinese people believe that dragons are really beautiful, friendly and wise.


Finally they created dragons of their own and hung them up on a board for display with information for everyone to see.

Ms Connie Pullicino

Class Teacher

Christmas concerts by Grade 1 Boys at St. Benild School

Keeping the Christmas spirit alive through talent on stage!  Christmas Time in Letterland  by Grade 1 Arnold, Jesus is the Reason for the Season by Grade 1 Benjamin and The Little Christmas Tree by Grade 1 Miguel.

Christmas Crafts and Cooking at St. Benild School