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Excellent results by Team SMC at MSSF Table Tennis Championship

Buoyed by their recent success during the National Table Tennis Festival organised by the Kunsill Malti Ghall-Isport our students once again rose to the occasion and ended up among the medal winners, this time at the annual Table Tennis Championships organised by the Malta Students Sports Federation (MSSF) at the Malta International Table Tennis Centre in Tarxien.


Ayrton Galea and Joel Schembri took part in the U/13 category with the latter ending up as runner up.


Meanwhile, in the U/15 category Miguel Montebello clinched gold after beating school mate Daniel Musu, who hence had to settle for silver.


The team was led by Mr. Jivko Jetchev and Ms. Anna Jetcheva.

A handful of medals for Team SMC at MSSF Athletic Meeting

Members of our athletics team continued to impress at the annual Athletic Meeting held by the Malta Students Sports Federation (MSSF) at St. Aloysius College on Wednesday May 21.


Gary Ghirxi stole the limelight after winning the gold medal in both the U/14 100m. and 200m. clocking 11.88sec. and 24.6sec. respectively. As expected, Edward Bezzina also clinched gold in the U/15 Shot Put event following a throw of 11.49m. Michele Lucia also dashed in first place in the U/13 100m. sprint in 10.03sec. to notch the gold medal.

Various students managed to win a silver medal, amongst them three U/13 students. In the shot put event Gary Lee Vella finished second after a throw of 10.43m while Ayrton Galea finished second in the high jump event after a jump of 1.25m. Meanwhile, Nicku Gauci leaped 4.30m. to place second in the long jump event. In the U/14 category, Luca Falzon finished second in the 400m. in 1.02:5 while Jake Mangion placed second in the shot put following a throw of 9.55m.


Bronze medals were also won by Gianluca Sciberras (U/12 long jump) following a jump of 3.91m. and Kurt Cassar (U/15 Discus) after throwing a distance of 22.05m. The U/13 relay team, comprising Michele Lucia, Julian Vella, Kieron Azzopardi and Wayne Seracino, also won bronze after clocking in 55.59sec.


Other members of TEAM SMC included Julian Barbara, Rylan Luke Bellizzi, Clyde Briffa, Omar Elouni, Perth Grech, Kyle Mercieca, Niguel Puli, Kyle Sciberras Balbi, Andreas Vella, Julian Vella and Andrei Zarb.

The team was led by Mr. Jivko Jetchev and Ms. Anna Jetcheva.

Il-Messaġġ tat-tfal favur l-Ambjent

Video Clip – TVM

Spelling Bee Competition 2014

On the initiative of the College Senior School teacher librarians, Ms. Marionne Borg and Ms. Silvana Griscti, a spelling competition was organised for Form I students. The final was held today, 27th May between Matthew Scerri of Form I Red and Kyle Agius of Form I White.

Ms. Marionne Borg outlining the rules to the two finalists.

Ms. Marionne Borg outlining the rules to the two finalists.

The final was held in John Paul II Hall which was packed with Form I students and teachers.

Matthew and Kyle concentrating during the final

Matthew and Kyle concentrating during the final

The Spelling Bee Competition winner was Matthew Scerri. Well done to the runner-up Kyle Agius and to all who participated!

A rendez-vous with De La Salle

Many times during our lives we find ourselves remembering words or experiences which are very dear to us. We look at photos because they remind us of special moments. We remember special people who leave a mark in our lives by reminiscing their words and actions.

This year the Grade 3 & Grade 4 classes at Stella Maris Junior School decided to take some time to ponder on the Life of our Founder in preparation for Founder’s Day. The result of this reflection and research was an interesting and varied exhibition put up with the help of both students and parents.

The exhibition consisted mainly of De La Salle’s words and projects, which could be found on charts, board games, collages, models, figurines, puzzles and letters to the Founder.

Outing at Ta’ Qali Crafts Village

Our school outing at crafts village was scheduled for Monday 5th May and thankfully it was a wonderful and sunny day.  At 9 a.m. the bus came to pick us up from school and off we went to an incredible outing.

After about half an hour we arrived at Ta’ Qali and went straight to Bristow Pottery.  An employee explained to us how to do certain shapes with clay.  Soon after he gave us a block of clay and left us free to create any shape we wanted.  With my share of clay, I decided to do a bowl which I intend to give my mum on mother’s day.  My classmates’ creations varied from Bugs Bunny, SpongeBob, plate of spaghetti, tea cup and many more.  On all of our creations we engraved our names and off for baking they went.  It was time to leave from Bristow Potteries for another adventure.


Before going to our next venue we were given a packed lunch.  While eating I noticed various shops and many tourists roaming around.

Our next visit was to Phoenician Glass Blowing.  They showed us around and explained to us that their productions are all handmade.  Then they chose 6 students to do glass blowing.  They gave them a metal pipe, at the far edge of the pipe they put some melted glass and the students started blowing to do different shapes.  The temperature of the ovens which melt the glass varies between 500 and 1000 Degrees Celsius. There they also gave us a small glass souvenier in the shape of a sweet.

It was really fun being at crafts village and seeing how things are made but unfortunately time flies and we had to leave. I have to admit I really had fun on this outing.

Conrad Puli

Grade 5 Arnold    

Stella Maris College is not just a school but part of the Gzira community

During the month of May, The Gzira Local Council organised a day dedicated to Arts & Crafts within the Gzira community. Our school was invited to participate by sending some art work the boys in our school have done throughout their lessons in the past weeks. 20 paintings were chosen and sent. These were put up in an exhibition together with other art work done by other students from other schools found in Gzira and also craft work done by villagers. Some Grade 6 boys represented our school.


They met the Gzira mayor, Mr Roberto Cristiano who presented them a certificate of participation. A small glass gift was also presented to the school to commemorate this day.


Young Chefs

During their Art Lesson, the Grade 1 boys at St Benild’s school became young chefs … But did they really cook? Well …well … not exactly! We imagined and pretended to be chefs for some time and we prepared and “cooked” our own pizza!! The boys prepared the basic ingredients to make a pizza – the pizza dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella. On top they could add other delicious ingredients like mushrooms, ham, eggs, salami and even olives. As soon as they finished making the pizza, they placed it in the pre-heated “oven” to bake them. And voilà!! The pizza was done in a couple of minutes! Lunch is served.

Ms Laura Zahra

Art Teacher


The Lasallian Human Wheel Story

We are not alone. We are members of a larger community which is ready to help us grow and mature. All we need to do is to open up ourselves rather than remain isolated in our little world. For this reason SMC embarked on a project to send a group of teachers to England to mix, discuss and live with the Lasallian Community there. This February it was our turn and it was a mind blowing experience.



The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools during its 45th General Chapter in Rome has elected Br. Robert Schieler for the mission of Superior General in the coming years.

Brother Robert Schieler was born in 1950 in the city of Philadelphia, USA. He made his final profession in 1979.

In its first year he served as a teacher in his own country and spent 13 years as missionary in the Philippines.

He studied Modern European History and has a Ph.D. in Educational Administration.

From 1991 to 1998 he was Auxiliary Visitor of the District of Baltimore, served as Director of Education for former USA-Toronto Region from 1998 to 2001; later he was Visitor of his district from 2001 to 2007. During the last seven years he has been a General Councillor for the new Lasallian Region of RELAN (USA and Canada) residing in Washington.

The Institute of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and the entire Lasallian Family, we all congratulate Br. Robert Schieler and would like to offer him our unconditional support and prayer for the new endeavor entrusted to him as the 27th successor of St. John Baptist de La Salle.

We thank Br. Alvaro Rodríguez for the excellent work of government and animation performed during the two term mandate during which he has served as Superior General.