Monthly Archives: October 2013

Mission Week & Assembly by Grade 6 Miguel

Grade 6 Miguel presented Mission Week.

Beginning of Year Mass & Distribution of Netbooks

On Friday, 27th October, all the students celebrated Mass to thank God for another scholastic year.


St Francis Assembly by Grade 4 Benjamin

Today, Friday 4th October, is dedicated to St. Francis. Our class assembly started by recalling Creation from the Old Testament. God’s last words to Adam and Eve were to take care of the world and all there is in it.


Team Building Outing and Fire Education – Grade 6

As a PSD activity, Grade 6 boys got to experience an amazing team building outing at Fort Madliena.


Not only did they learn about the elements of fire, fire extinguishers, and what to do in cases of emergency but they also got to build fire themselves and cook on it as part of their team building experience!


The more the team collaborated with each other, the greater the chance they had to eat their sausages and melted marshmallows.

DSCN1440 - Copy

Being Lasallian – Grade 4 Arnold Assembly

On 11 th October, Grade 4 Arnold delivered a performance about One La Salle, in preparation of the beatification of the 35 Brothers of Madrid, which took place the following Sunday.