Monthly Archives: February 2013

St Benild’s Welcome Picnic

As is customary, the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)  Parents’ Circle have kicked off this year’s Scholastic Calendar of Events by organizing a Welcome Picnic. This picnic was organised for all the Grade 1 and 2 students at St. Benild’s School together with their families, as well as the teaching teams.


Mission Week at St. Benild’s

Give, give without a thought;

And make somebody happy.

You will feel so good inside,

So give, give, give.


Between Monday, 22nd October and Friday, 26th October, the Leadership Team together with all the six teaching teams, joined forces, so as to instil in the children the value of thinking of those in need. During this year’s Mission Week, the children learnt about the life of Mother Theresa by watching video clips related to this Saint, who loved the poor so much.