Monthly Archives: December 2012

Leadership Team

Br. David Mizzi
Mr. Noel Abela
Head of School
Claudia Vella
Assistant Head – St. Benild’s School
Pauline Scerri
Assistant Head – Year 3, 4
Ms Pauline Scerri is the Assistant Head responsible for Grade 3 and 4, and co-ordinator of Maltese, Religion and Social Studies.
romina Romina Borg
Assistant Head – Year 5, 6
Ms Romina Borg is the Assistant Head responsible for Grade 5 and 6, and co-ordinator of English, Maths, Art, PSD and Creative Arts;  Animator of the Celas Programme.

Oasis of Silence Prayer Room


30th October, 2012 was a very special day at St. Benild’s School. In the course of a few months, the old Staff Room was given a complete facelift. At the beginning of the summer recess, Ms. Claudia commissioned the interior art designer, Ms. Luisa Diacono, to completely overhaul the room using special flooring, soffit and lighting to turn the place into a tiny sanctuary of silence, prayer and recollection. The end result has been universally acclaimed as stunningly harmonious, extremely relaxing and very prayerful. The Chapel’s eloquence is in its simplicity.

A wish that Bro. Louis had repeatedly expressed has become a reality exactly one year after his demise. Quite naturally, therefore, the St. Benild Staff dedicated this new project as a lasting memorial to him.