The Lasallian Wheel

The Lasallian Wheel as a representation of the Lasallian Family moving towards God: The hub represents God while the spokes and the wheel represents the Lasallian family moving towards God. More »

All the colours of Stella Maris

Stella Maris College is an educational institution managed by the DeLaSalle Brothers in Malta. More »


Remembrance Day at the College

On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Stella Maris College observed a minute’s silence to honour the war dead. All lessons, activities and games stopped and everyone paused to reflect during this poignant moment. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Alex Camilleri, Mr. Glenn La Rosa, Ms. Carmen Cutajar and Ms. Lorna Friggieri, a special school morning assembly was organised.

rem day 2014

Ms. Carmen Cutajar, Assistant Head introduced the assembly with a prayer and  a few select words appropriate for the occasion.  Mr. Alex Camilleri, History teacher then outlined the history of Remembrance Day as well as the origin of the Poppy as the world renowned symbol of Remembrance Day.


Ms. Cutajar addressing the special assembly

Ms. Cutajar addressing the special assembly

The poem “In Flanders Fields”, by John McCrae, was then excellently read out by Andrew Debono Cauchi, Jamie Pace Bonello  and Gary Ghirxi.

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Later on during the day, at exactly 11:00am, a siren could be heard throughout the College and its environs, wailing poignantly in an atypically silent College, a silence that was ultimately deafening. Thanks to the efforts of Matthias Micallef and Joel Camilleri, Form I students, poppies were distributed to students and staff and an appreciable donation will be passed on to the Royal British Legion (Malta branch).

Joel Camilleri and Matthias Micallef will remember this day for many years to come

Joel Camilleri and Matthias Micallef will remember this day for many years to come

A big thank you to all teachers and students who made this occasion a memorable one. A special thank you to Nicholas Apap Bologna, Luca Vella and Omar Eloumi ably supervised by Mr. Donald Ciappara, without whose technical expertise this activity would not have been possible.



Spiritual Coffee

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10th November

3rd November

The Mission of Missionaries Assembly

Grade 5 Miguel held an assembly during Mission Week based on a speech Pope Francis I gave about the mission of missionaries.

The most important part of his speech was actually his opening statement: We are called to preach and proclaim the Gospel “courageously and in every situation.”


Astronomy Activities

The  Astronomy evening on Sat. 1st Nov. 2014 18.30-21.00hrs. was a great success with over 50 participants.  Students and parents brought star Charts and Lunar Maps. One student Inaugurated his newly purchased telescope; All made a tour of the night sky assisted by senior members including Arch.Alexei Pace, Alex Pace and Br David.

1. For the forthcoming December observation kindly remember to bring a) Star chart, b) torch with red filter, c) Warm clothing including Bobble hat and gloves.

2. Reminder ASTRONOMY LECTURE on THURSDAY 6th November 2014 at 18.30hrs, title:  BEYOND THE SOLAR SYSTEM. All are welcome to attend.

Colour Day in Grade 1

In Grade 1 we celebrated Colour Day.  This day was linked to various curriculum topics being covered in class, particularly colours.



We are all Lasallians – Assembly presented by Grade 2 Arnold

Grade 2 Arnold presented an assembly that introduced our new Grade 1 boys to our Founder and what it means to be Lasallian.  The highlight of the morning was when all the boys joyfully joined in, to sing the One La Salle Anthem.


Party Time in Grade 1 at St. Benild School

Our first class reader of the year “Look” is all about a special party. Since we have been working on our alphabet sounds at the same time, we thought “What could be better than an Alphabet Party!”  Balloons, party hats, music and muffins – a truly enjoyable celebration!

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Our Lady of the Rosary – Assembly by Grade 2 Benjamin

October is the month dedicated to the Rosary.  Grade 2 Benjamin presented an assembly to our boys at St. Benild, explaining what this special prayer means.

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St Francis Assembly by Grade 2 Miguel

Our first class assembly for the year at St. Benild was presented by Grade 2 Miguel.  The boys related and acted out highlights from the life of St. Francis, to show his special love for animals.

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Every year during the International Lasallian Days for Peace (21st September – 21st October), all Lasallians around the world are called to reflect, pray and act on the theme of Peace. World news in the media remind us every single day of how lacking Peace is in our World.


This year, Lasallians from De La Salle College and Stella Maris College were invited to take part in a symbolic outdoor activity together which included moments of prayer for Peace and a Youth Mass.

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