The Lasallian Wheel

The Lasallian Wheel as a representation of the Lasallian Family moving towards God: The hub represents God while the spokes and the wheel represents the Lasallian family moving towards God. More »

All the colours of Stella Maris

Stella Maris College is an educational institution managed by the DeLaSalle Brothers in Malta. More »


Colour Day in Grade 1

In Grade 1 we celebrated Colour Day.  This day was linked to various curriculum topics being covered in class, particularly colours.



Spiritual Coffee 20 October 2014

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03 20th October 2014

We are all Lasallians – Assembly presented by Grade 2 Arnold

Grade 2 Arnold presented an assembly that introduced our new Grade 1 boys to our Founder and what it means to be Lasallian.  The highlight of the morning was when all the boys joyfully joined in, to sing the One La Salle Anthem.


Party Time in Grade 1 at St. Benild School

Our first class reader of the year “Look” is all about a special party. Since we have been working on our alphabet sounds at the same time, we thought “What could be better than an Alphabet Party!”  Balloons, party hats, music and muffins – a truly enjoyable celebration!

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Our Lady of the Rosary – Assembly by Grade 2 Benjamin

October is the month dedicated to the Rosary.  Grade 2 Benjamin presented an assembly to our boys at St. Benild, explaining what this special prayer means.

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St Francis Assembly by Grade 2 Miguel

Our first class assembly for the year at St. Benild was presented by Grade 2 Miguel.  The boys related and acted out highlights from the life of St. Francis, to show his special love for animals.

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Every year during the International Lasallian Days for Peace (21st September – 21st October), all Lasallians around the world are called to reflect, pray and act on the theme of Peace. World news in the media remind us every single day of how lacking Peace is in our World.


This year, Lasallians from De La Salle College and Stella Maris College were invited to take part in a symbolic outdoor activity together which included moments of prayer for Peace and a Youth Mass.

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Animal Awareness Assembly

As part of the Dinja Wahda Programme, a student from each class presented a presentation, a poem, or an experiment to the whole school during Friday Assembly.  Well done to all students who represented their class.

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Endangered Animals as part of Animal Awareness Week – Grade 6

As part of animal awareness week, the Grade 6s welcomed Mr Alosio from Dinja Waħda to give a talk about endangered animals. This helped the boys become aware of how different animals are in danger of becoming extinct because of our actions. He also provided them with information on what they can do in order to prevent this. The boys thoroughly enjoyed this talk and showed great enthusiasm.


Astronomy Course – Dr. Sandro Lanfranco mesmerizes the audience

Astronomical Society Treasurer Mr. Edwin Camilleri introduces the lecturer Dr. Sandro Lanfranco.

Astronomical Society Treasurer Mr. Edwin Camiller (right) introduces the lecturer Dr. Sandro Lanfranco.

On Thursday 16 October, the Astronomical Society, in collaboration with Stella Maris College, inaugurated a series of lectures. The first lecture was delivered by Dr. Sandro Lanfranco, a former student of Stella Maris College.


The audience were treated to an interesting and informative lecture on the History of Astronomy. Dr. Lanfranco delved on a multitude of aspects of astronomical history and peppered his talk with interesting snippets of information. The audience were also involved in the  discussions on various topics related to the history of Astronomy.



The next lecture in the series will take place on Thursday 23 October, it will be The Sun and our Planetary System, by Mr. Tony Tanti.