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St Benild School Teaching Teams and Staff Members

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Astronomy Lecture: The Forthcoming Lunar Eclipse

You are kindly invited to attend an Astronomy lecture: The forthcoming Lunar Eclipse, by Architect Alexei Pace, from the Astronomical Society of Malta.

poster astronomy lecture lunar eclipse 28 sept 2015

The lecture will take place on Friday 11 September, and will commence at 6:30pm. it will be held in John Paul II Hall. Entrance is through Emanuel Giordano Street and parking will be available in the Junior School grounds.

Other guests are welcome to attend.

You may download some notes pertaining to the lecture here: Eclipse of the Moon of 2015 some facts

Destination… Kintbury and London


On Friday 26th June 2015 a team of 3 teachers and 7 students who will be in Form 5 soon, embarked on an innovative experience where, along with thirteen other students from De La Salle College, met around 100 other students from the UK Lasallian family in Kintbury, England.
The group of students from SMC: Gianluca, Miguel, Beppe, Nigel, Jean, Daniel and Kristan

The group of students from SMC: Gianluca, Miguel, Beppe, Nigel, Jean, Daniel and Kristan


Kintbury is the hometown of St. Cassian’s Centre, a place funded and owned by the Brothers of De La Salle. Our students have camped in the garden grounds of St. Cassian’s, where they interacted with other students from Lasallian schools across the UK, while taking part in various activities including archery, human table soccer and wall climbing, among other activities.
Gianluca Micallef and Miguel Sammut climbing the wall

Gianluca Micallef and Miguel Sammut climbing the wall

The group also went for long walks in the beautiful countryside surrounding St. Cassian’s and the village of Kintbury. Each individual was encouraged to live in the now throughout the weekend, which came to an end on Sunday 28th June 2015. 
Following this camp, the group travelled to London. The boys have visited the London Dungeons, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Covent Garden, St. James Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, the Big Ben, 10 Downing Street as well as a short trip to Oxford Street.
Visiting the Tower of London and Tower Bridge

Visiting the Tower of London and Tower Bridge

This unique experience has surely made these boys aware that our College is one of many schools which embraces the same principles and mission statement, namely that of living in the now and taking time to reflect on their lives with Christ as their Guide and St John Baptist de la Salle as their inspiration.
Miguel Sammut preparing a craft called "The Eye of God"

Miguel Sammut preparing a craft called “The Eye of God”

Ms. Nadia Mercieca
English teacher and Form III Year Tutor



Swimming at the National Pool for St. Benild Boys

Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Buskett Field Trip

During the field trip, the boys explored ant trails, features of a snail, different properties of different trees and different pine cones.  They had the opportunity to see the Maltese painted frog, various insects and flowers, and observe the sounds of nature.

Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Up to You – Father’s day Craft

Through the use of recyclable material, the grade 1 boys and their daddies built their own little sea world.  They also learnt about different creatures that are found in the sea.

Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 Sparrow in a spot

The boys learnt about the Cips the little Sparrow and his adventures.IMG_1269_1 IMG_1272_1 IMG_1276_1


Dinja Wahda – Grade 1 I Promise



The Grade 1 boys learnt about the hedgehog and the dangers it faces in our countryside.IMG_0610_1 IMG_1124_1 IMG_1115_1

Dinja Wahda – Grade 2 Out of Africa

The boys learnt about the struggles faced by migratory birds.

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